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Zoom Citrine - Ring Fantastic Elastic
Zoom Citrine - Ring Fantastic Elastic
Zoom Citrine - Ring Fantastic Elastic
Zoom Citrine - Ring Fantastic Elastic
Zoom Citrine - Ring Fantastic Elastic

Citrine - Ring Fantastic Elastic

€24,90 Regular price €29,90

Fits on any finger. Elastic ring diameter about 1.7cm

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Crystal: Citrine
Effect: Fullness | inner strength & intuition | self-confidence

Citrine is crystal sunshine, which will help you turn dreams into reality. The sunny disposition of citrine allows new things to emerge with joy. Citrine also as a particularly good Manifestation stone known. Just touch it while meditating or visualizing your goals & dreams.

Citrine is also known as Money Stone used because it creates space for luck and light and thus new possibilities for prosperity and abundance into your life.

It is one of the few crystals that does not absorb negative energy but purifies it. This optimistic crystal just bubbles with cheerful energy and cheers you on as you pursue your goals & dreams and choose yourself over and over again.

  • 100% Handmade
  • Wild & real just like your soul
  • Elastic band - diameter approx. 1.7cm
  • Fair & Sustainably produced - Your purchase supports our women's aid project "Women of Bali

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Citrine - Ring Fantastic Elastic

€24,90 Regular price €29,90

Customer Reviews

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wunderschöner Ring

Ein sehr schöner Ring, gemäß der Abbildung/Beschreibung - sehr zufrieden.

I have been selling the jewelry for 3 years in my store "lil'fame" & and wear it myself 24/7! I love it as much as my customers do. All my wishes are connected with the crystals & many have already come true.

Chiara C. Ambrusch
Boutique for Business Girls, Bohemian Babes & Gypsi Chicks

I know WUNSCH KRISTALL SCHMUCK since 2014 and am always thrilled. The women's aid project behind it rounds it off wonderfully for me. Not a day goes by without me wearing one of these special pieces of jewelry.

Nica Schuemi
Meditation Centre

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How do wish crystals work?

Crystals stand for focused energy, clarity & amplification. Ideal conditions for a wish crystal!

Wish crystal jewelry wants to remind you of your heart's desires in everyday life:

When you put on your jewelry for the first time, mentally connect your greatest wish with the crystal. Just as entrepreneurs formulate their annual goals, write them down and monitor their achievement, you can mentally connect your goals with your crystals.

Crystals have a special magic that protects, strengthens and grounds us.

They should sharpen your awareness that each of your daily decisions, no matter how small, brings you one step closer to your goal.


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