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Wish Crystal Jewelry was born in Bali in 2014, out of pure love for crystals & a great wish come true.

My wish was to live on a ship and sail with it from island to island. Always with me was a small crystal. From the idea to the fulfillment, he has always reminded me not to give up my heart's desire.

After more than 10 years of life on the ship, there it was, the moment when suddenly everything I had experienced made sense. At first only as a picture of a small crystal on my wrist. A delicate but very strong bracelet! The design reduced to the essentials, to be able to carry the crystal (as an anchor for the greatest wish) always with you.

The first wish crystal bracelet was born! And with it the great vision to inspire others to believe in their wishes. That this meaningful jewelry is also produced fair & sustainable is clear!

Believe in yourself & your wishes!
I know that you can do anything!

Susi Kos, Founder of Wish Crystal



From our start in 2014, when we were still taking photos and packing each order ourselves to today, as a fast growing company with a team of almost 10, our values & vision have not changed:

Beautiful crystal jewelry for strong & conscious women.

Delicate & strong at the same time.

Noble, pure design.

Only the best materials.

Personal customer service.

Fair production

We want to empower the wearers of our jewelry, but at the same time we also want to empower the producers. All knotting and weaving is done by the women's aid project "Women of Bali", which we founded. For the production of the silver jewelry wit work exclusively with personally selected women's projects.