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Crystals stand for focused energy, clarity & amplification. Ideal conditions for a wish crystal!

When you put on your jewelry for the first time, mentally connect your greatest wish with the crystal.

Just as entrepreneurs formulate their annual goals, write them down and monitor their achievement, you can mentally connect your goals with your crystals.

Crystals have a special magic that protects, strengthens and grounds us.

They should sharpen your awareness that each of your daily decisions, no matter how small, brings you one step closer to your goal.

Wish Crystal Classics


Wish crystal jewelry wants to remind you of your heart's desires in everyday life.



Manifesting means bringing something into reality. Whether you want to manifest more money, love, a new partner, health, healing or a new car. Think of it as a project and have some patience. Your crystal is your manifestation assistant! You should take time every day for your goals, ideas and wishes. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Try to imagine that you already have your wish! What does it feel like? The beautiful feeling that your wish creates in you is very important. It is this beautiful feeling when you think of your wish that you should connect with the Wish Crystal. When we live as if we already have our wish, we resonate with our wish. With this mindset, a heartfelt wish and at least one action a day for your wish, you are on the right track! Then sprinkle some gratitude and faith on top and you will see, miracles can happen!




Trust your intuition:
When choosing a crystal, your own intuition is the most important thing. Trust your gut feeling! You will quickly notice which crystal radiates something special for you or which color just attracts you.

Effect of the crystal:
Each crystal is attributed effects. In your selection, you should of course also pay attention to the respective strengths of the crystal, whether it could help you with your desire or request.

Tip: to help you find the right crystal, you can filter all our jewelry by product type, crystal and effect.

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I love these bracelets!

Already my 3rd order. Wear them all the time whether in the shower or fitness. For me, jewelry must be "suitable for everyday use". Bracelets also go with all clothes whether elegant, sporty or modern.

@Elisabeth Floi


Crystals are assigned to each zodiac sign



We use only genuine crystals personally selected by us.

With each of our jewelry pieces you will find a detailed description of the effects attributed to the crystal. They protect against negative energies, function as a power source and are said to give more clarity, focus and self-confidence.

Gemstones are not without reason celebrated worldwide as modern lucky charms, which should provide good energy and positive vibrations in everyday life.

Zodiac crystals