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Susi Kos

Founder of desire crystal

Susi Kos, founder

Wish crystal jewelry is my heart project!
I would like to inspire you and preferably all women with my story to believe in their wishes. Even if they still seem unreachable at this moment!

No matter whether more love, a new job, more money, more health or just a better life - everyone has many big & small unfulfilled wishes.

Here is my story: at the age of 26 I fulfilled my (back then) the greatest wish and had a 30m long ship built with 7 blue sails according to my own hand drawings, built a diving bus on it and sailed through Indonesia for over 10 years.

Crystals have fascinated me since childhood. The natural beauty of raw crystals, as well as the sparkling of the sanded. They have a special, calming force for me. Therefore, there was always a small crystal on all my travels. From the idea to fulfillment, I always saw him as a little lucky charm.

Today I know: I only owe it to my unshakable belief that the dream of tropical island life became a reality for me. Again and again I imagined how nice it would be to live on a ship. At that time I unconsciously did what everyone is talking about today: manifest.

When I had convinced my last doubtful, anxious voices in my head, I started to focus on the project "Life by the Sea" - a small step every day until the impossible suddenly became a reality! It took 3 years from the idea to the maiden voyage.

After more than 10 years of life on the ship, he was there, the moment when suddenly everything experienced makes sense. First only as a picture of a small crystal on the wrist. A delicate but very strong bracelet!

Crystals as a "manifestation aid"? Yes, the job of the crystal is to remember your wish in everyday life and consciously deal with your thoughts. All too often, fear or lack of thinking creep in and subconsciously prevent fulfillment. To be clear about your own mindset is the key to a happy life for me. Thoughts, above all, and again and again, give you a tailwind or prevent your personal success.

Holistic thinking and not only to put yourself in the center is just as important to me, which is why the circle closes with sustainable & fair jewelry production.

Wish crystal jewelry Now combine hundreds of thousands of people around the world - with a big goal: to make us all happier, more conscious people.


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