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Susi Kos

Founder of wish crystal


Wish Crystal Jewelry is my heart project!
I want to inspire you and most of all all women with my story to believe in their wishes. Even if they seem unattainable at this moment!

Whether more love, a new job, more money, more health or simply a better life - everyone has many large & small unfulfilled wishes.

Here is my story: I have fulfilled my (at that time) biggest wish at the age of 26 and built a 30m long ship with 7 blue sails according to my own hand drawings, built up a diving business on it and sailed through Indonesia for more than 10 years.

Crystals have fascinated me since childhood. The natural beauty of raw crystals, as well as the sparkle of the cut ones. They have a special, calming power for me. That's why a small crystal was always with me on all my travels. From the idea to the fulfillment, I have always seen him as a little lucky charm.

Today I know: it is only thanks to my unshakable faith that the dream of a tropical island life became reality for me. Over and over again I imagined how nice it would be to live on a ship. I unconsciously did then what everyone talks about today: manifest.

When I had convinced even my last doubting, fearful voices in my head, I started to work focused on the project "Living on the sea" - every day a small step until the impossible suddenly became reality! It took 3 years from the idea to the maiden voyage.

After more than 10 years of living on the ship it was there, the moment when suddenly everything experienced makes sense. At first only as a picture of a small crystal on the wrist. A delicate but very strong bracelet!

Crystals as "manifestation help"? Yes, the crystal's job is to remind you of your desire in everyday life and to consciously engage your thoughts about it. All too often, fear or scarcity thinking creeps in and subconsciously prevents fulfillment. To be clear about your own mindset is for me the key to a happy life. Thoughts, especially recurring thought spirals, give you tailwind or prevent your personal success.

Holistic thinking and not only putting yourself in the center is just as important to me, so the circle closes with a sustainable & fair jewelry production.

Wish Crystal Jewelry now connects hundreds of thousands of people around the world - with one big goal: to make us all happier, more conscious people.